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People today expect integrated, personalized experiences. Travel and tourism is no exception.

Our demand for rich experiences means that tomorrow’s winning travel brands, no matter which part of the industry they touch, must all succeed at answering variations of the one, ultimate travel question:

“Where should I go?”

The brands that can will win the lion’s share of attention, trust, and loyalty—the most valuable currencies of the the modern economy.

The brands that can’t will continue to get squeezed into modular commodity suppliers.

To date, no one has been able to do this well. People are still hungry for a solution. And the thing is, what we think finally makes it possible to do has only just recently been invented.

The race is on.

Imagine being able to successfully answer “Where should I go?” for any customer in any situation.

Imagine a future where people everywhere came to your brand first to answer their travel questions.

What would that future look like?

  • More satisfied customers

  • Increased profit margin

  • Differentiated positioning

  • Bigger audience

  • Better sales conversion

  • Customer loyalty

Now this travel answer engine, you could build that yourself. You could hire a few hundred engineers, machine learning experts, and data scientists to build and train a world class machine learning model. Plus experts to predict the future of broad travel, tourism, and consumer technology trends.

But you’re not going to do that. It’s too much money, too much time, and too much risk. Too much fixed cost and not enough places to spread it. And the people who are working on anything remotely similar, you can’t trust: Google, Facebook. There didn’t seem to be an option for you.

So we thought, what if we tried building the ultimate travel answer engine and then made it available as a simple service for travel and tourism companies?

There would be some big challenges.

Before you only had to know about your own locations and plot them on a map. Now, you’d need a huge global dataset of fun and interesting places for people to go. That’s why Atlas is an enormous dataset of places of interest, as well as learn from information across the entire public internet.

Before it was no big deal that everyone relied on different records and sources of data. Today, with devices and networks proliferating, the consumer cost of unclean place data will continue to increase. That’s why we’re focused on distributing the canonical set of geodata and place records for the industry.

Before you only needed cursory information about places of interest like hours of operation, address, and discrete attributes. But today you’ll need deep, abstract, human-relevant information.

That’s why we Atlas uses not just geographic and discrete attributes about a place, we also learn from its relationships with other places, as well as textual and image data about it.

Today, travel needs are so varied and so hard to predict. You have to build something that can be flexible and yet more correct.

That’s why we’re building the most sophisticated machine learning network outside of Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. And we’ve focused it on travel and tourism. Like a human, Atlas can infer vast amounts of knowledge from a single image, review, etc. Unlike a human however, it can acquire, learn from, and store trillions of data points about a single place and then store that incredibly efficiently. The previous sentence uses more storage than that much data about a place does.

And you’ll be able to access it all from a simple API. It’s incredible.

Despite just getting started, we’ve already lined up some amazing beta partners. Holiday Inn, MapQuest, Airstream, Pure Michigan, Travel Oregon, the leading car rental brand and a prestige auto manufacturer were excited to partner with us because they know we will help them navigate the future of travel.

What is it we showed them? Well, in order to understand and guide the development of the Atlas service we had to build something that consumes it. We call Co-Pilot. It’s our concept app that’s the first contextual road travel assistant.

We’d love to take you for a spin sometime.


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