We are a close knit team of 30 geo & travel nerds working from Ohio, New Zealand, and around the world.

We refine our skills and products day & night on a mission to become the foremost team in travel & tourism.


  • James Fisher


    Founder/CEO Proud country lad from Suffolk, England.

    A life long traveler, and lover of hidden places and the maps that don’t usually display them. James founded Mogeo to bring travel and geo together, as they should be.

  • Joshua Smibert


    COO Aussie beefcake.

    Prior to joining the Roadtrippers team, Joshua co-founded Carbon Ads, a venture backed, vertical Ad network which was acquired by Buy Sell Ads in December of 2012 and also built the Fuel Brand Network, a group of web publications which he ran as Managing Editor with Adelle Charles, until it was acquired by Design Crowd in early 2012.

  • John Lauck

    Co-founder, VP Engineering

    John was intrigued by computers and software in elementary school. He pursued this interest personally and earned a BS of Math and Computer Science. Professionally, he exercised his interest in software and technology with roles at both startups and larger companies including Clear Channel and Vitrue (acquired by Oracle). John also appreciates coffee — a lot. Locally-roasted-coffee in hand, John leads the engineering team at Roadtrippers. Talk to John about Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Postgres, building scalable web services or your favorite Seinfeld episode.

  • Ken Valuska

    Director of Financial Operations

    Ken blah blah blah

  • Paul Shale

    GM, Australasia

    Blah blah

    Paul heads up Geozone, Campermate & Roadtrippers in New Zealand & Australia.